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Who is Policing the Police in the United Kingdom?

To: The Home Secretary, Right Honourable Priti Patel

Who polices the Police Forces in the United Kingdom?

To resolve a 24 year old dispute of the petitioner with the Police, this is a personal petition:

The final resolution of the conflict is clearly a stalemate, for neither Kent Police can pursue me, nor can the Court of Central London pass judgment on Claim E35YM660. This is because a civil court cannot pass judgment on a criminal matter that is deposited today as reported through the documents submitted to the Court including the KentPoliceReleasewithoutbail.pdf of which I have alleged the Kent Police has committed a crime against me, a Hate Crime for my religious beliefs and practices. The Constitution therefore does not wish to clarify whether Kent Police itself can investigate the Civil Court of the County Court of Central London referred to West Yorkshire Police in the first instance and subsequently to Kent Police through the email that I sent the Court copied to Kent Police. Persecution in conspiracy is alleged by all the authorities in Judicial and Law Enforcement processes.

And Kent Police has been told by me that it cannot investigate itself so that if West Yorkshire Police does not do so the State is obliged to make a referral to another institution of the State which does have the powers to investigate a Police Force. The independent Office for Police Conduct has clearly said to me that it does not have those powers. The Home Office has the powers but must appoint the appropriate institution to do. The State does not wish to for it will bring my Case into the public domain something that the State has avoided over the past 24 years silencing all media. The Police and Crime Commissioner has already been approached and is silent. I have issued arrest warrants as a private citizen against the Chief Constable of Kent Police but it did not make headway at East Kent Magistrates Court over the past year.

Whereas the author has been considering that the United Kingdom is a dictatorial Monarchy with the 'Royal Constabulary' of sorts serving Her Majesty the Queen directly and so is beyond the reach of the Home Secretary, this needs to be put to the test.

Why is this important?

It is vital that the people of the United Kingdom know how to make the Police accountable for their actions.


Last Updated: 22.07 pm (UK-Time) 4 April 2022

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