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We want your experience with our forum to be as enjoyable and easy as possible. To make things clear and user-friendly, we have listed the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in one concise section. Have a look at our FAQs below and get in touch if you have any queries which have not been addressed.

Global development of the nature, the ethics, the politics and government and human beings role in the sustainable management of the environment.


Who can see my profile?

The Members who join the Libertarian Democrats will be able to see your posts and other contributions should you aspire to contribute in a greater and more practical manner by becoming an official Administrator of the Forum. In addition, the Forum posts will be visible to the wider public in the public domain.

Can I get posts removed from the site?

So long as there are no disrepectful, non-abusive, contempt of court rulings on legal proceedings as postings and they make a contribution to the cause of libertarian democracy by highlighting concerns on its suitability and applicability across the world, and do not spam no posts will be deleted from the site. The idea is to generate information and knowledge on how to move forward towards championing the cause of libertarian democracy. Libertarian means freedom of thought and expression not political correctness but tempered with politeness and argumentative giving examples of where in the current societies of the world these values are not adhered to.

Do I need to register in order to comment in a forum?

Yes you need to register before you can comment in a forum. We are not looking for spamming critics of the idea. We are looking for constructive criticism of ideas genuinely held by those who have influence such as voting in elections, seeing their Members of Parliament, writing Petitions for organisations such as 38 Degrees and Liberty, and considering whether to join the Liberal Democrats in the United Kingdom or beyond. This is very important to consider because we hope to change your mind by persuasive arguments with evidence that there are no parties in Westminster or in Councils who represent Libertarian Democracy.

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