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What is a Libertarian Democrat

A Libertarian Democrat fundamentally believes and campaigns for Liberatarian Democracy as the be all and end all of his or her convictions. He or she is not so much concerned with the intricacies of policies such as capitalism or socialism or human rights or any other aspect of what goes to make a government.

The question then arises is what is Libertarian Democracy. It is the belief in an electoral system that fosters the representation of the diverse groups within a population in Councils and National Parliamentary structures that a country decides it should have.

Libertarian Democracy enables a person to exhibit his libertarian instincts in society to then contribute to the State while retaining his own dignity to practice his or her religion be that one of the recognised and established religions or one that only a few believe in. This could be atheism, it could be human rights in terms of liberalism, or it could be conservative or conservative libertarian. It is the concern that the electorate is represented at the highes level possible to air their views that the libertarian democrat campaigns for.

The Libertarian Democrat can itself be a political party but in the first-past-the-post system as we have in the United Kingdom it is impossible for such a view to get the representation in government to make their voices heard. So Libertarian Democrats will be campaigning from within an existiing political party with a large membership and a proven track record of securing seats in Parliament and Councils.

I am a Conservative Libertarian but could not find a single person in two and half years of internet campaigning to find a single person who would become a Member in the United Kingdom:

But I still wished to be part of the political process so rejoined the Liberal Demorats to form a group to campaign for Libertarian Democracy by abolishing the firs-past-the-post electoral system and replace it with full proportional repreentation at a constituency by constituency basis.

I will still campaign on behalf of my Society for Conservative Libertarianism in the meantime for saving the environment is a political philosophy for me at a personal level true to my religion of Vishista-advaita Vedanta: .

Shantanu Panigrahi

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