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Updated: Oct 22, 2021


So with reference to the above Forum post when we are asked to give evidence on any matter to a Court of law or to just to another person, we have only our imagination of the Reality that we are experiencing. There is no truth in it for truth does not exist, this being so because Reality does not exist. We cannot be truthful for there is no one to judge the truth. It is all imagination. We are nothing in the Absolute Reality. We do not exist even. The so-called It does not exist. We are nothing in existence. This is described as Shunyata so nothing matters. There is no birth nor death.

This is not philosophy but the Reality that nothing exists. There is no point to Religion. There is no point to Statehoods, There are no obligations, no duties or responsibilities to oneself of anyone else. Is Existence an illusion then? What does this mean. It is worth examining, but how do we examine what is not there. There can be no examination.



So do not be attached to the truth you think you know, no one’s truth exists. It is all an illusion, an illusion that is made of what we describe as vyvaharika; in the paramarthika nothing exists, no mind, no Gods, no Reality which is known as Shunyata. In the vyvaharika that one lives an illusionary life, one does what comes naturally as one’s dharma (duties and responsibilities). This means interacting with people, socialising, and contributing to welfare of all as Nature allows. For me then there are no Gods in vyvaharika either for I know the Absolute Reality of Shunyata. If I go to the temple it is part of socialising, harmonising and doing something good like teaching and educating people with my knowledge. If I start a petition like I did yesterday in 38 Degrees, it is to make life better in vyvaharika as my dharma. So dharma is the key to Hinduism, nothing else: no worship of Gods or gods, as attachments that destroy the peace of mind that I have in my realisation of Existence. No Dharma Rakshati Rakhita truth left to test as it has already been proven because I have attained the ultimate liberty, Shunyata in pamarthika realisation of the illusion of vyvaharika.

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