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The synonymity of Libertarianism and Democracy in Evolution of Mankind

"I am a Libertarian at heart, but in the present society of the United Kingdom and globally that one lives in being a Libertarian is only possible in the seclusion of one's home, or in a monastery"

My words were carefully chosen; being a libertarian at heart does mean that this is a long term aspiration tempered by the present circumstances of having to conduct oneself peacefully and steadily towards that future utopian promised land. But for the individual inward enlightenment is absolutely the backbone of one's raison d'etre as one proceeds. Without knowledge no decision that is peaceful can be made. One needs to study the surroundings very carefully to be able to make a balanced judgment on all issues. One cannot allow self the luxury of falling victim to one's own ideals, as the result is then self-inflicted wounds of all kinds. We need to adapt to Nature and live symbiotically with all components of Nature. We should respect our Prime Minister while he is still in office and not create further hurdles and obstacles for him to have to surmount, for he is no longer just serving the Conservative Party, he is serving the entire population of the United Kingdom. He is ably supported in this task. He will get a chance to go to the country again in 3 years time for a fresh mandate or sooner if there is too much opposition to his plans within Parliament or within the Conservative Party. There are democratic procedures that are there for anyone to utilise to see that their voices are heard. This Conservative Party Forum is one of them. That is the libertarian spirit.

I am not tied down by my ideals, I am flexible, but I do voice my opinions extensively in my websites. I consider that this method is part of the democratic structures of the United Kingdom. People can read my news and vies and appreciate them or discard them as they consider appropriae. But in exposing my truths I do attain inner peace that atheists would not understand.

Democracy needs to evolve according to the people who it serves and receives feedback from. I do not blame the present level of democracy in the United Kingdom, or elsewhere, for the ills of this society as the United Kingdom has to live in a globalised world where all humanity have to adjust to each other because we are so interrelated. If we overdo democracy in the United Kingdom perhaps like the Swiss model where they have referendums on each major issue we will become just a tax haven and not a vibrant economy. So, our democratic ideals too have to be tempered to practical realities. The ultimate is certainly libertarianism as democracy synonymously. We are a long way away from that utopia. We do what we can to raise awareness of the arguments for it, but leave it to our Prime Minister who is the best judge for what is in the interests of this country right now taking these aspects of philosophy into account.

We start as a drop (sperm and ova fusion) and grow prenatally and postnatally developing ourselves through learning until we die by when if one has been seeking the truth one becomes a river like a Mississippi or the Ganges into the ocean of the Atlantic or Indian respectively. That is the destination of wisdom.

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