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The future of Nuclear Energy


We need new technology to end the worldwide use of carbon-based energy because the burning equation C+O2>CO2 and for the whole of human history we have been filling the global atmosphere with carbon dioxide. This has caused global warming via the greenhouse effect of trapping the suns heat. The end result will be human extinction by collapse of our eco-system. People suggest "wind turbines" but there is not enough wind.... others suggest uranium fission power plants but these make for radioactive waste and the reactors are fundamentally unsafe. A safe fission reactor cannot be made.

The phenomenon of the fusion of deuterium nuclei to yield helium promises to be safe, cheap and plentiful. Unfortunately the Tokomaks seem to be an expensive blind alley.

My colleagues and I have been experimenting with a different approach (cold fusion by ionic pressure). I started this at the Radio and Space Research station in 1969 and in about 2000 I started again with very limited resources but with some success. Unfortunately my prototype desktop reactor was confiscated by the local police who considered it unsafe in my domestic environment. I agree. And the officer in charge told me it was to be used for police training.

Hopefully my design will be developed and used as a source of current electricity in the near future. As I experimented I put up a web page telling of what I did. URL: Http:// . I would like other entrepreneurs to use this cold nuclear fusion engine that generates alternating current electricity as I am getting past my sell by date.

"Dr Chris"

Dr Chris

Thank you for your very useful arguments and showing us that the promise of cold fusion is not exhausted and we must devote more resources towards experimenting with the technology that you have in your imaginative manner of scientific prowess indicated a path forward. I for my part would echo the concerns that you have expressed and urge our respected Prime Minister to raise this issue with global economic powers to assess what you have done and obtain a scientific evidence-based report. Anything that you have done and brought to our attention through your website and now here at Conservative Party Forum shows your dedication to the cause of humanity. We must all work towards solving the greenhouse gas accumulation problems associated with fossil fuels.

In the meantime may I ask you your personal opinion on whether the sending of nuclearactive wastes into outer space on rockets to places like Mars or even beyond have any moral and ethical issues in a bid to forestall the accumulation of the materials on the Earth as the strive for greater fission based nuclear power gains ever-greater momentum. Is it even viable now that space travel is fast gaining speed in terms of companies being established for humanity to journey further out into space.

Kind regards


christopher strevens

32 minutes ago

Replying to

I think we must not contaminate space.


Shantanu Panigrahi

13 minutes ago

Replying to

On balance I am tending to the stance that it would be the lesser of two evils, for we need to keep the Earth habitable or it all ends anyway. Still who am I to make such an ethical judgment.🤔

John Pope

7 minutes ago

NOT a good idea. Space launches frequently fail, and an explosive injection of radioactive waste into our atmosphere would be a catastrophe.

Much radioactive waste currently in (safe) storage could be used as fuel in suitably-configured molten salt reactors - a technology which actually exists and is near to commercial roll-out.

I would liken cold fusion to alchemy.

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