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The Final Straw by Vladamir Putin, the megalomaniac

I had refrained from supporting Wix's campaign on supporting Ukraine through websites being encouraged to place its badges on our sites, but but 7 months into the war that is supposedly a military campaign to regain territory by hook or by crook with sham democratic referendums and conscription of people served with draft was the final straw for me.

We in the Libertarian Democracy campaign for freedom of the individual within States and in neighbouring States with the right of self-determination, Vladamir Putin may care to note now. The war has been perpetrated with no care for human rights and atrocities that no one is able to challenge for fear that the megalomaniac may as a final resort use his nuclear weapons.

So today I took up Wix's encouragement for me to place these Support for Ukraine Badges in three of my websites at Wix that would enable these badges to be displayed.

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