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The detailed functioning of democracy means full participation in society

In a functioning democracy, every citizen should participate in all of the institutions of the State in whatever is required by the government whether or not the restrictions and impositions are mandatory or just a guidance and recommendation. This is why I always reply to emails from any State institution if a reply is needed and take part in the Covid Infection Survey for it is all information not intrusion. It works both ways interactively, the government benefits in the sense that it has a sounder basis for decision making and the citizen benefits in having his concerns about the governent’s policies aired and discussed. This interaction Is vital for a sound democracy. This also the reason that I engage in conversations in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and have numerous websites where my free-flowing views are recorded for the government to take note. Transparency is generated. The State benefits. The citizen benefits. All non violently true to the ethos and spirit of Vishistao-advaita Vedanta. I have written prior to this books containing a wealth of factual information on the State of the United Kingdom as also of the world and these are available in Internet Archive as also my website ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’ Hiding ones thoughts and feelings is the last thing that people should do. The internet era has made it possible to share these ideas and beliefs and bring essentials to the consideration of the public globally. As far as I am aware I am still a member of the Liberal Democrats despite my strong views on Conservative Libertarianism (, and Libertarian Democracy being the name of the type of policitical structure in which such a Society should subscribe to. In my as my political party is still up and running if anyone wishes to show interest in it, and if not I would consider standing as an independent candidate under its banner at the next General Election, or Council Elections. In the meantime I will continue to write my books through my Company, The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited that is registered in Companies House; all in the interest of Democracy and the means for attaining democratic ideals.

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