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The Civil and Criminal Justice System needs Refreshing

I have had personal experience of extensive nature in an exploration of the Criminal and Civil Judicial systems and Law Enforcement and following this this morning am suggesting a revamping of the procedures that are haphazard and left to the whims of Court officials with no accountability to Parliament or Her Majesty the Queen being as we are living in an unwritten Constitution.

The Central aspect of the change I would like to see is that Court officials in the present day and age of internet facilities must reply immediately not by autoacknowledgment emails but considered judicial decisions on a plea or application submitted by a Claimant or a Defendant.

Currently, it is dictatorial, which fine as long as it is made explicitly clear to a Claimant as to what the restrictions are that are imposed upon his or her litigations. I tried to start a 38 Degrees petition to highlight this issue that the subject to Her Majesty as the Head of our Constitution must know within 24 hours the result of his or her applications and queries at a judicial level, rather than from officials of the Court who offer the proviso that they are not legally trained so cannot comment on the submission made.

I would like to see open justice and transparency and go away from the situation of the Unwritten Constitution that passes the buck and no individual Judge is named from a communication from the Court received by an applicant.

Lawyers (and I have consulted close to 50 such institutions over the past 23 years of mounting a Defamation Case to which there have been endless hearings on technicalities rather than the substantive issues involved in a dispute) are hamstrung in having to operate in such a judicial environment.

I fully accept that we do live under a dictatorial regime and I do not rebel against that, what I say is information is vital for subjects to be citizens and not citizens to be subjects.

Any comments would be warmfully entertained for further exploration of this idea.


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