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Statelessness is not an option: it is a failure to truth-accommodate

For all my truth seeking and truth-exposing endeavours over the past 24 years it has been suggested to me that I have not quite naturalised into the State of the United Kingdom so that my Citizenship and Nationality has been brought into question since 2017. These questions were raised in a bid to have me sent back to India or to some other country away from the United Kingdom.

While there is hope that I am sticking to my truth path and will await my fate I am doing all I can to convince the State authorities of the United Kingdom to consider the actions that I have taken and establish my Citizenship and Nationality of the United Kingdom and I will fight through the legal process if this is the last thing that I do in my life. India is not my home, neither do they want me there, and I have no intention of ever leaving the United Kingdom as things stand this morning and I await the decision of the Home Office on the application that I submitted on 23 November 2021.

Not only Statelessness is not an option, it is a failure that I have not adopted the correct truth-path through my satya-advaita yoga to get to where I need to be with my family, which is my prime consideration.

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