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It did not last long, I could not be attached to being a democrat either, so I am a libertarian plain and simple.

From bhakti comes gyan (knowledge and wisdom); when satiated one gets mukti (moksha) and that is liberty, so I was always a libertarian, and this has ended today in Samadhi. No reporting, no attachments nothing to do just go with the flow. That has nothing to do with advaita either. No concepts are remaining in me. It is nothingness. Samadhi is Nothingness, just spiritual.

I have overcome all my obstacles in life to be free now. Nothing to write nothing to do.

The Ultimate Libertarian is one who has attained moksha so the dharmayudha was always a struggle to be free: a free-spirit.

14.13 pm hours (UK-Time) 11 July 2021

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