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The electric cars and other carbon capture and renewable energy technological developments are going in the right direction but essentially, we must reduce our demands for fossil fuels right now if the inevitable impending economic catastrophe is to be avoided. Please follow the arguments here and look through at the link that is provided in the article.

Apart from patchwork to paint over the cracks in the environment that we as damaging we must also campaign to stop other countries burning fossil fuels and burning down their forests at the same time by continued expansion of urbanisation and economic infrastructure.

I still see that there is a massive oversupply of capital in the world which is further invested by capitalists that fuel demand for goods and services in the economy and through that demand, generates the need for more transport in cars and airlines using fossil fuels and also generates greater energy needs in the home and elsewhere. This can be halted from steps to reduce the population from stopping National Health Services that would also reduce demand considerably at the same time so is the only sustainable way forward.

However, controlling population growth is not politically correct outlook as we do wish to live in a democracy and not under a dictatorial regime of the imposition of illiberal values so education of the young is a vital element in the process of developing greater concern on environmental issues nationally and internationally.

The correct approach is to remove what I describe as surplus fluid money from the world economy by stopping the countries with the surplus investing that fluid money in other countries. But that too is fraught with problems. Urbanisation is an area that needs to be restricted for it not only leads to deforestation and reduction to lower levels of vegetation and associated wildlife when we plan on spending for example billions of pounds sterling on the proposed High Speed 2 Rail Project which is beyond the productive capacity of the economy to justify as an investment so is pie in the sky planning for a future that may not come about, and for which we are now going down the same path of considerable environmental degradation. This if we wish to see a better future for our children and grandchildren and wish to see the human species survive into the foreseeable future in some shape or form.

So, at the end of the day, we are helpless to do anything and let Nature take its course with its floods, coronavirus and other diseases to control world population, and stifle demand for goods and services according to the Gaia hypothesis.

I do have a faith that God has created the Planet and the Solar system and that everything in the universe is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated, so some solution will emerge to our natural concerns about the future.

It is best to be unconcerned about it for we are helplessly watching the future unfold in that pre-determined and fated outcome. Ignorance is bliss. Take care of yourself and let the future take care of itself. We will not be there to witness it.

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