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How the United Kingdom should deal with China

Money is a complicated business. Financiers come and go. That is the nature of capitalism. Someone owns vast amounts of money one day, goes off in its merry ways. Thinks that they have got it made and it will last forever, overspends, just like America, goes to moon for self-indulgence as pointless pastime to enjoy for sensory gratification and so ends up trillion of dollars in debt. It is then sustained by another nation who now is dominating the world because it has been frugal and not engaged thus far in such pursuits. Japan was in that position twenty five years ago when all hifidely goods were Japanese from turntables cassette players, cameras, video recorders and cars. It lives within its means so is not burdened with debt.

Like America we spent money that we do not have: Falklands War, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and spent billions on pointless National Health Service that keeps unproductive people living to grand old age that they then have to cared for by Social Services in Care Homes.

What is the point I am making then. The point I am making is that it has all been self-inflicted wound that has allowed China to dominate the world. We have not focussed on manufacturing to the extent that we should have to find real markets for our goods and services to become a manufacturing base. This is because we were after the workers as a Conservative Party taking on the miners, the dock workers, the print workers, and so on, all resulting in expenditures on low-paid people through Universal credit and the like.

Like in the present pandemic we have got it all wrong. We are living in cloud cuckoo land vaccinating the entire population. We should only be vaccinating the young and those who work for a living, not old age people who are not able to contribute to the productive base of the economy.

We should focus on tourism and its diverse areas like theatres, hospitality, sports, and computer technology, mobile phone development of our own, and stop importing goods and services from China altogether until the productive manufacturing base of the economy recovers in time. And it will recover with the proper education and skills development of the younger generation.

We are on the other hand fixated on free trade and free markets when the present coronavirus pandemic shows that every country is on its own to develop or wither and die out as a great nation.

We should therefore allow food essentials, clothes, oil, gas, uranium to be imported and stop steel, coal and other manufacturing imported goods so that the manufacturing base of the country is again re-established.

We should never give up our nuclear weapons and strengthen our armed services and Law Enforcement Institutions.

This is the only way we can survive as a Great Nation. Let China ‘conquer’ the rest of the world from Taiwan to Africa to Greece, and obtain the items that we need for our basic survival available to us from these countries because otherwise we will be short of food.

We should make use of my proverb too: I will write that in Hindi first: ‘Duniya mein suaron ko bhi bachana padta hai take we tumhara joota saaf karen' It means in this world that we live in we also have to protect the pigs in human form so that they can come and polish your shoes when you have a need for it. What I mean by this is that we need to be tolerant to the Chinese. They cannot take the ‘ball’ of money and run away with it. They will have to invest it somewhere when the country is satiated with internal investments. The investment will take place in our country if we play our cards right and do not alienate China. This is because from that financial investment we in this United Kingdom will have prosperity for ourselves and our children.

Gone are the days of military conquests, the power of democracy is so strong and compelling that China cannot even control Hong Kong or Burma, just like Russia could not control Syria without decimating to make it inhabitable and in the process making themselves poorer with their grandiose expansionist policies; for their own Democracy in the form of Alexie Nalalny cannot be quelled forever.

Am I making sense? It is the basis of Conservative Libertarianism. You can read more about it here:

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