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Freedom of Expression

First save your mental-liberty before you save the world, or its biodiversity, or the Creation as Nature: live in freedom and prosper as a human being doing exactly what you want to do until the insects of humanity stop you by physical force. That is the only state of mukti that causes one to have a clear conscience and hence in happiness as ananda or nirvana.

The coronavirus pandemic is nothing to worry about, our bodies die out naturally; for some sooner than for others. It is all in our genes as to who survives the virus or a road accident or whatever, but intrusion into one's privacy to think and utter words that come to your mind unrestricted is a fundamental principle of Libertarian Democracy. The mind must be set free, and exert your right to reply to whoever is in authority over you.

So come alive and use your freedom of expression to call a spade a spade. God never once He left me to my own devices and stopped being a Sadhguru never again showed any authority over me. It is humanimals of mankind who show authority over others to render them into slavery.

Never tolerate tyranny over you no matter where it comes from, within the family, or wider society. Everything that happens in Nature affects you as you are part of a single ecosystem of Nature. So stand up to the parasites and do whatever you feel you can get away with using your intelligence to assess what the parasites are up to being on the guard on every single move they make to intrude into your privacy. Nothing is inconsequential in this regard.

Stop listening to their Psychiatrist that you suffer from a medical ailment like paranoid schizophrenia of persistent delusional disorder or mood swing so that you need to be incarcerated or forced out of gainful employment that your academic credentials deserve but they marginalise and disenfranchise you from the provisions of goods and services of the State that operates as a Police State.

Stay safe for another day carefully in blending full awareness with knowledge to withstand the oppression on you. Knowledge is power; accentuated by awareness that is perfected when the mind is purified into atman and operates from the conscience of this soul as one's director. Keep legal avenues always on the go; keep appealing every single decision by studying the ulterior motives behind them.

Keep a Diary and publish everything into the Court of Public Opinion to expose the tyrannical dictatorship under which you live. Life is not worth living as a slave, just feeding one's belly: animals do that, plants do that. We humans are more highly evolved with a mind that is fully mature potentially or it can be made to become mature through satya-advaita yoga.

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