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One only has one life, I searched and researched, developed ideas and ideologies. I survived. I conquered all who stood in my way to determine the truths that I have realised. Today however I do not dwell on any of that. I have abandoned advaita, visihista-advaita as well as it is not in my place in Nature to influence or change anything in Nature. I used tools that helped me understand Nature. The ideas, the concepts and ideologies that I have discussed may or may not be true. Whether God exists as Creator, I am unconcerned. He definitely does not exist as Preserver as far as I know. It is for me to live my life in a self-preservational manner, that means in total liberty in the freedom of my Home with my family if they can continue to put up with me.

I look upon my publications therefore in fresh daylight as reporting like a commentator on life and all that happens in the world that we live in. I am non-judgmental letalone prescribing a panacea for the upliftment and emancipation of mankind. I only concentrate on living a natural life. The natural course is for me to take account of all that happens around me and to life symbiotically with all living beings, human, animal, plants or viruses and other microbes. It is a personal view point so I aptly describe myself as a Libertarian Democrat knowing full well that I have to lead my life now and not in the future where The Conservative Libertarian Society may come about naturally rather than through the social engineering that I tried in forming the Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom and of The Conservative Libertarian Party of the USA. I will leave the politics to others. I am not setting out to engage in politics of protest at the status quo that has manifested this morning.

I will report and comment in my website News and Views from the Ultimate Libertarian Democrat at

Change for the better? No all ideals are delusional in their practicality so one needs to keep one's dignity by being a Libertarian Democrat so one does not generate controversies with others that one lives with during the period of one's own life. All karma and dharma are relinquished as well as service to an imaginary God who may or may not reside in my psyche, for there is no proof of any God. It is all in the mind.

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