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38 Degrees and my unhosted petitions

Dear 38 Degrees

My Unhosted Petitions

Thank you for your email recently asking for a regular donation to 38 Degrees. I have set up a regular donation from my limited resources, as I am a pensioner unable to go to work any more due to ill health at the age of 64.

I will however support 38 Degrees fully even though I am the General Secretary of The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom and as such my views are not supported by the majority of the 38 Degrees members as is evident from the lack of signatures that they have acquired over the past few years. I am not disheartened by this lack of support because the reason for having joined 38 Degrees are wholly to do with enhancing democracy within the United Kingdom, nothing else. I engage with the Courts to whom my petitions are submitted. You can read more of my political views here: I will donate more if my financial conditions improve in the passage of time.

38 Degrees need to be democratic too, so the petitions that I campaign for needs to be submitted to the membership of the Community of this great institution. Censorship of campaigns from individual members of 38 Degrees is not the right way for democracy to function. This is why members are unscubscribing and not donating as much as they would like. 38 Degrees members need to be able to read my petitions and make an informed judgement on the issues that I raise. If they have concerns they would be able to email me and pass comments on where I am going wrong with my petitions. This is the democratic way to proceed for 38 Degrees. It will ensure the development of 38 Degrees into the centre-ground of the politics of the United Kingdom and attract members accordingly. At present my assessment is that 38 Degrees is directed more towards socialistic policies and not on civil liberties and human rights generally. A country needs to be economically strong providing employment to all so that the resources benefit the greatest number of its citizens. This is my view.

I am an educationalist and write extensively in the internet to highlight issues of concern to the citizens of the United Kingdom and elsewhere so that we move forward in comradeship. No member of 38 Degrees has ever written to me about anything that I have petitioned for. But the fact that the petitions are unhosted means that I am being silenced from airing my grievances which retards the development of the nation.

The way to proceed is to forward all my unhosted petitions to the existing membership of 38 Degrees by email and ask the membership for any objections, not assume that the majority of the members are against my proposals. This kind of unhosting remark from a site admin is dictatorial and summary justice not just against my personal reputation as a well meaning democratic activist, but the judgment runs counter to the principles of diversity in unity and unity in diversity, the core of my beliefs in having joined 38 Degrees and resigning from all four political parties of the United Kingdom over the past decade of being an activist on Environmental issues in the broadest terms.

There should be a debate on this issue and I will set up a petition accordingly following your reply.

Thank you for a response by email.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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