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Celebrate the films that capture the beauty of the world around us, from nature to people. The best of nature, culture and street photography will be celebrated, with a special focus on the most breathtaking natural images of 2013. This epic showcase includes the work of 35 of the best visual storytellers in the world, who have captured the essence of our planet in a series of intimate images. This collection is a celebration of the greatest photographers of the year, and will surely inspire you to continue to take beautiful photos. We have curated a list of the best visual artists from around the world. Get inspired by their exceptional work and take advantage of our exclusive deals and discounts. The best of street and documentary photography, the two worlds often thought to be at odds, will be fused in this collection. We have hand-picked the best of the most popular photobooks. All rights reserved. Browse the market for the best books, films and apps for your smartphone, tablet or computer. Get inspired by the most beautiful photos of the year, and enjoy our special offers and discounts. For more inspiration, check out our editors’ choice for the best of 2013. All rights reserved. From the series of photos taken by photographer Gerard de Zegher during his four-year sojourn in Africa, which are later on interpreted by Hong Kong-based artist Chou Hsiung. The artist presents the series' imagery as a celebration of the diversity of cultures and traditions in Africa. “HIV,” in the exhibition, is part of the “Africa in Numbers” show of Chou Hsiung's photographs, which is part of the exhibition “Africa,” organized by the BMW Group, and taking place in the BMW Museum Shanghai until July 11, 2013. In the book “Portraits,” the artist presents photographs of young black boys and girls, which he took between 2007 and 2011. In some of the images, the children are in quite different poses, but there is a common characteristic. The black children seem to be telling the story of their lives by themselves. In the book “African Portraits,” published by Phaidon in 2013, Chinese artist Liu Jianhua chose the most interesting photographs from the archives of Shanghai's Wanxiang Gallery, which for six years have been available to visitors of the gallery.




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Crocodile Clips Elementary Windows 7 64 Bits 42 zenana

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