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Resignation from the Liberal Democrats immediately

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Resignation from the Liberal Democrats immediately

from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to: Lib Dem Help <>

date: 3 Aug 2022, 09:39

subject: Resignation from the Liberal Democrats immediately


Dear Liberal Democrats

You are not interested in reformation of the United Kingdom's political and constitutional provisions as the following communications that I did not receive a reply to from Mr Castle or Lib Dem South East.

Therefore I have no choice but to terminate my membership of the Liberal Democrats forthwith whether or not you refund me my membership fee paid of £12.

I will pursue my political objectives through the Conservative Libertarian Society at

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

]3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

My New Liberal Democrats Membership No: 22071144662 (

Cancellation of Membership of Liberal Democrats (


My New Liberal Democrats Membershitp No: 22071144662


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

to: John Castle <>,

date: 27 Jul 2022, 21:23

subject: Re: My New Liberal Democrats Membershitp No: 22071144662


Dear John

Thank you for setting out your priorities:

I find it very difficult to make friends here in the United Kingdom as I am a Hindu and the State-authorities do not take kindly to those of different cultures to the indigenous one of white Christains. They tolerate Muslims and Jews more than they tolerate Hindus. So I am glad that Liberal Democrats can be a Party through which a Hindu can make a difference to society.

No one responded to this call for friendship even in Facebook and Twitter where I have posted extensively over the years on all kinds of issues: so I had no choice but to engage in wider society of the State as well to determine the current interpretation of the unwritten constitution of the United Kingdom that I live in and its allies using the satya-advaita format of yoga. Meditation is not the way to learn factual realities, which is what one needs to do to be able to survive in liberty. Fortunately, there is a path to follow that leads to the prospects of convincing everyone that I have what it took to lead the way for others to follow in my footsteps.

The United Kingdom and its international institutions and States have been proven to be governed by only self-interested powers with no philanthropic motives for anyone else within the State or those anywhere else on Earth. The religions established over the millennia follow their own dictations designed to protect their cultural frameworks and they argue amongst themselves incessantly with no one bringing Science and Religion under one umbrella of considerations as I have done.

The United Kingdom State has no Judicial or Law Enforcement processes that serve the people and there is nothing more I would have to do with it. The State authorities had been explicitly told that I wanted full written reasons for the Judge's deliberations on Claim J00ME572 of the Medway County Court so that Directions to be issued in three months’ time on the 27 October 2022 10.00 am Hearing that has been announced that is not preceded by this interim review-report is just seen by me as yet another manipulation of the British Justice System designed to cover-up 24 years of victimisation and persecution on me organised by the State through its secretive mechanisms.

The State tried to set up a fictitious organisation calling itself Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) that has names but no genuine names and addresses that one can take out legal proceedings against so invented by the M!5 in collaboration with the Pentagon of the United States of America, to terrorise me in the United Kingdom, to incarcerate me in a mental hospital for a third time this time irreversibly, or to get me booted out of the United Kingdom, and when these failed because the pig-shit vermines were dealing with a Master Escapologist in me, the State attempted to get me imprisoned on concocted allegations by the nameless anonymous people of, Remailer, Nomen Nescio and paraoicici impersonating the likes of Katrina Sale of the Conservative and Unionist Party alleging that I had harassed and stalked her as well as BP and staff of BLM Law, when I was engaged simply in protecting myself with legal proceedings to counter the thousands of criminal anonymous emails sent by the State agencies to myself and my family and associates at the Medical Centres and Embassy like the Greek Embassy, and in the menial employment that I took up to make ends meet; so the United Kingdom is a criminal State in its most Satan-evil manifestation with its compatriot twin in the United States of America persecuting me.

These Satan-evil demons should care to note that I shall never leave the United Kingdom and neither will my family, so these States and their allies just have to put up with me and let me do what I think is necessary to punch the final nail in the coffin of evil that was my mission from 20 years ago, the day that I was stripped of dignity by being classed as blameworthy of gross misconduct by the University of Greenwich in a kangaroo court and cast as mentally-disordered for seeking justice which was denied everywhere in the British Justice system. Accordingly I had recently prophesised that we were witnessing the collapse of western civilisation.

If anyone wishes to discuss my story, I will not be interviewing them and but will set up a different Group where anyone interested may join to have it all out in the open.

Looking forward to further discussions on Facebook where I have started following the Liberal Democrat Groups on your suggestion.

Yours sinccerely

Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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