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Introduction a all-in-one Identity Card with the concept of Conservative Libertarianism

Updated: May 18, 2021

I have started the following petition this morning


There is a difference of considerable importance between the idea of liberalism and a liberal democracy and the idea of Conservative Libertarianism that strives towards the ideal of Libertarian Democracy.

Liberalism and Liberal democracy in my understanding is tantamount to anarchy, in that each person goes about his or her activities with no concern other than what he or she perceives as his or her rights. In reality no one has any rights. We as humanity would never have harnessed the goods and services of Nature in the intensity that we have done by being liberals and somehow linking that for political purposes to the idea of democracy. The two just do not mix, like chalk and cheese. It is for sentimental reasons that this concept has been part of British Society since the Social Democrat Party broke away from the Labour Party to become a viable group but ran into no prospects of electoral success so got tied to the then the Liberal Party of the United Kingdom. The lack of any substance to the idea of Liberal Democracy as encapsulated in the Liberal Democrats political party such as its policy of resisting Brexit and now rejoining it so with no inkling of nationalism in the Constitution meant that it exists just to keep the existing status quo prolonging into malaise where a single Party rule in the Conservatives and Unionist Party has once again become the dominant force in British politics.

The essential point of nationalism is that the nation should stand on its own two-feet and have a non-aligned policy with respect to all the other nations of the world. This can only be within the existing Union structure pending the forthcoming developments in the devolved Assemblies in Scotland especially.

The Conservative and Unionist Party of the United Kingdom has a foot in both camps, of Conservatism and Unionism. We in the Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom ( consider this to be having the cake and eating it for it requires fudging about with irreconcilable differences as is evident in the Northern Ireland situation. It is therefore non-viable, but such is the manner with which the politics of the United Kingdom is played out for electoral power, that the Prime Ministers assume the Preorogative power from the Monarch to do as they both agree on in the day-to-day mangement of the country. These are short-sighted and not conducive to a good business environment or the human environment as business leaders are ordered effectively by the government on how to manage their business, or go bust which causes much distress in the business community. People get unemployed, skills developed over many years to address an economy that is sustainable in consonance with the natural resource endowments and capital endowment of the nation become redundant as people are effectively slaves to the Conservative and Unionist Party in government.

The Conservative Libertarian Party approaches national development with a long-term goals of generating a business environment and social environment that is cohesive and withstands pressures to dismantle it, prevents wastage of built up resources, and promotes full employment as far as the health of the population enables.

This brings one to the original issue, namely, what kind of politics is right for the country. Unless there is a political force that has a coherent approach to national development that is in tune with the environmental imperatives, the country is destined to slide into the doldrums of has-beens. This is fundamentally the reason that Scotland is intent on breaking away from the Union so as to preserve their control over their affairs in a nationalistic manner rather than party political manner of career politicians are engaged in the ding-dong two party system in the rest of the United Kingdom with a lifeless Liberal Democrats confusing the arena of national development politically.

We therefore believe that the Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom should replace the Liberal Democrats in occupying the pin-pointed centre of the sphere of Reality and take the country forwards in a nationalistic mannner.

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